Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey! Get involved with your youth community!

     Clubs come and go. You are what makes this club yours. This is where your friend's band plays. There is where you meet new people. If you need help, this is the place where we can help. We are working on making a change in the way homeless and homeless sheltered youth are treated to help improve the system. We are doing research, mapping, youth forums and a large film project for this study. We will also have a chance to present our findings to local legislator.
     Skrappy's is looking for more volunteers for sound, cafe, stage, flyers, and special fund raising events. If you would like to get involved in a project or volunteer, see any staff member or sign up at Skrappy's or email Kathy at

"I feel that every kid that comes here is amazing. The volunteers and bands that donate their time and energy are the most awesome people you will ever meet! Thank you for your support!"

- Kathy