Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Think. Talk. Take Action.

Transportation. Safety. Education. Jobs. The environment. These are community issues that are on the minds of adults today. They are also the issues that are on the minds of young people, although they don’t often get a chance to voice their opinions about them. A group of Pima County youth known as The Hi Tech Team is looking to change that with Think. Talk. Take Action: A Community Gathering for Youth and Families, October 8, 6-10 pm at the Historic Rialto Theatre. The event will bring together youth and adults to “think about community issues and envision new possibilities, talk to people in power, and take action to make a difference,” says Dr. Judith Anderson, CEO of Every Voice in Action Foundation, the sponsor of the event.
“Through this event, we hope that youth and adults can build relationships and be able to cooperate with each other in order to solve issues, and create solutions in our communities,” says Marcos Perez, member of the Hi Tech Team. “ Everyone can provide their proactive assets: We can all become the change we wish to see in this world”
The multi-faceted event will include an open mic session—offering young people a chance to perform on the Rialto stage—and the screening of youth-produced short videos, including the premier of a short documentary film entitled Tucson Through the Eyes of Youth, which was produced and directed by the Hi Tech Team. The team’s purpose: To capture youth voice and to expose community issues and solutions through digital media.

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